Francis Treuherz

Francis Treuherz.

This book joins the slim ranks of books on homeopathy which one can call literature, like the materia medica of Margaret Tyler or Roger Morrison. There is none of the railway timetable style listings, nor is it suitable for reading on short journeys. This is for a long ride or a comfortable armchair. The only heaviness is the 527 page length.

The 30 page introduction thoroughly sets the scene and the themes, so we have an idea of Richard’s philosophy and deep thinking. At the back there is a modest description of the author – we were contemporaries at college but he has gone far since then – teaching, traveling, writing [1]. There is a thorough Bibliography; and an even more thorough index, not just any old index but a very useful Therapeutic Index, which is like a repertory. There is a listing of Chapter Themes which is a handy quick reference summary and a Remedy Listing.

Long ago I wrote a paper: Small remedies, the struggle to escape. ‘Inside every small remedy there is a polychrest struggling to escape’ were my opening words. Richard has neatly turned this around to help us consider a wide range of possible alternative remedies when we begin, as we so often do, by considering a polychrest. I looked at the familiar 35 remedies in the list of contents and chose number 36 as I have never prescribed Zingiber. It turned out to be a treasure house of information about Nosodes, Bowel Nosodes, Sarcodes, Imponderabilia and more and also Zingiber. Well this information had to go somewhere but it is brilliant and could be the start of his next book.

The main body of the materia medica takes us into the feelings – and the science – of each remedy and its themes and a range of other remedies which may be considered. Richard goes deeply inside the remedies and displays all the finesse possible of a well-read homeopath with over 30 years’ experience under his belt. I am for once lost for the right words to describe the depths of this beautiful work. Go for it now.

[1] Richard Pitt: The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home, 2013, Homeolinks NL.  & Tobacco, an Exploration of its Nature Through the Prism of Homeopathy, 2006, Lalibela, CA.