Table of Contents

Each chapter is used as a comparative device to explore the themes of a major remedy and at the same time to discuss the clinical relationships with many other remedies. Each remedy chosen represents certain essential features in our materia medica and has been chosen to act as a useful form of comparison with other remedies. Please see CHAPTER THEMES for more detailed comparison.

The last chapter, Zingiber is so titled as it covers many remedies, e.g., bowel nosodes, sarcodes, imponderabilia etc., that don’t fit into any other chapter and needed another chapter to belong to. The choice of the remedy Zingiber is rather incidental. I like ginger, a ubiquitous food, and many people don’t know it as a homeopathic remedy and so it seemed a good remedy to use as part of the exploration of smaller remedies in the book.

There are three detailed indexes in the book. The first is a simple remedy index, indicating exactly which page(s) a remedy is discussed. When in bold type, the number relates to where the remedy is mentioned in detail. When the remedy is in bold type, it indicates the fact that the remedy is a chapter heading. The second index is the CHAPTER THEMES index and shows the breakdown of each remedy into particular themes and the remedies that are mostly compared under each theme. The third index is a therapeutic repertory index that lists major symptoms and themes in a repertory structure, but where the numbers listed relate to the chapter in which it is found, not the page. All the indexes are designed to be used together for cross referencing as well as finding one’s way through the book.

Chapter 1  Aconite     1
Chapter 2  Agaricus     9
Chapter 3  Apis     21
Chapter 4  Argentum nitricum     35
Chapter 5  Arnica     47
Chapter 6  Arsenicum album     57
Chapter 7  Aurum metallicum     67
Chapter 8  Baryta carbonica     81
Chapter 9  Calcarea carbonica     89
Chapter 10  Carcinosin     109
Chapter 11  Causticum     119
Chapter 12  Ferrum metallicum     127
Chapter 13  Graphites     135
Chapter 14  Ignatia     145
Chapter 15  Kali carbonicum     153
Chapter 16  Lac caninum     167
Chapter 17  Lachesis     181
Chapter 18  Lycopodium     197
Chapter 19  Medorrhinum     205
Chapter 20  Mercurius solubulis     215
Chapter 21  Natrum muriaticum     229
Chapter 22  Nux vomica     247
Chapter 23  Opium     259
Chapter 24  Phosphorus     271
Chapter 25  Platinum     291
Chapter 26  Psorinum     307
Chapter 27  Pulsatilla     315
Chapter 28  Sepia     327
Chapter 29  Silicea     349
Chapter 30  Staphysagria     359
Chapter 31  Stramonium     367
Chapter 32  Sulphur     370
Chapter 33  Tarentula hispanica     391
Chapter 34  Thuja     405
Chapter 35  Tuberculinum     419
Chapter 36  Zingiber     433
Index 1  Remedy Listing     471
Index 2  Chapter Themes     477
Index 3  Therapeutic Themes     507


Please add your experience or remedy comparisons.