Thematic materia medica

We wish to create an interactive exchange on this site, where readers can engage in a discussion of comparative materia medica, using the book as a starting point.

You are invited to review, comment on, and make suggested additions to the remedy themes and comparisons listed for each of the linked remedies. Click here to begin.

If you would like to make a suggested addition, please login to use the comments section at the bottom of each remedy page, then add your comments.

For example, to suggest a remedy addition in the list of intrinsic/compensated or decompensated comparisons, you might write: “add belladonna to intrinsic/compensated list”, or “add syph. to decompensated list”.
If you wish to suggest a remedy addition to the list of comparisons on a theme, you might write on the Aconite page, “add cimic. to EXCITABLE, OVERSENSITIVE.”

Be sure to include your email address with your comments so that you can keep informed as the discussion unfolds.
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Please add your experience or remedy comparisons.